In light of the Covid19 outbreak, all Gym Jam classes are cancelled until further notice. Thank you for your patience.

Affordable, accessible, and accommodating gymnastics based physical literacy programs in Calgary and area.

Our gymnastics programs are ideal for child care centres, schools, and other facilities. We also offer lessons and birthday parties on weekends at the Calgary Acrobatic Gymnastics Corporation.

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Lessons at Child Care Centres

Typically, lessons are half an hour and start with a warm up that includes either a game (for school aged participants) or a song and dance (for younger participants). A set of safe, kid-appealing stretches follows. Then skills are taught and practiced in a fun circuit that includes bars, beams, air tracks, soft boxes, and more. There’s a new theme each week, complete with props and decor! Class concludes with a cool-down activity and with a game if time permits.

Our curriculum has been organized such that the most basic and important skills are taught first, and other skills follow in a developmentally appropriate order. Initially, priority is given to fundamental movement skills (FMS) such as jumping, balancing, rolling, striking, etc. Some fundamental movement skills- specifically ball skills- are not inherent in gymnastics, so we have taken extra steps to ensure that they are also focused on. As children master basic FMS (usually children in after school care), we up the ante and prioritize gymnastics-specific skills.

Lessons at Schools, Community Centres, and at Calgary Acrobatic Gymnastics Corp.

Lessons last between 45 minutes and 1.25 hours. Class starts with a high-energy game, a stretch, and some physical challenges/ strength training. Participants are then split into groups and rotate around multiple circuits. At schools and community centres, circuits incorporate beams, bars, vault, air tracks (imagine long, inflatable air mattresses), tumbling mats, and accessories. At Calgary Acro, circuits incorporate aerial silks, tumble track, the floor exercise, mini trampolines, and accessories.

All coaches have years of training and experience, and are able to lesson plan and adapt skills to meet each participant’s unique needs.

Children who participate in Gym Jam reap a diversity of benefits. Skill building promotes perseverance, work ethic, focus, and self-confidence. Group activities foster social skills and team work. Playing on our colourful equipment and learning fantastic new ways to move ensures an association between physical literacy and fun; this association is self-reinforcing and life-long!