Now We’re Doing Cartwheels on the Bus!

Our gymnastics programs are ideal for child care centers, day homes, schools, and other facilities.
We can set up our equipment in your facility or park at your location and teach lessons in our well equipped gymnastics bus!

We do parties and special event group bookings too!

Gym Jam for Day Cares, Preschools, and Day Homes

Programs cover basic gymnastic skills and drills that lead towards more advanced gymnastics skills and multi-sport fundamentals.

  • Age-appropriate equipment keeps kids active, excited, and safe
  • New theme and skill focus each week!
  • Professional coaches
  • Ten-month curricula with adaptations for each age group

Key benefits:

  • Increases agility, balance, and coordination, and skills that are fundamental to all sports.
  • Promotes perseverance, work ethic, focus, and self-confidence.
  • Exploring fantastic new ways to move on soft, bright equipment helps children link physical literacy to fun; this is a critical element in remaining active throughout the lifespan!

Gym Jam Parties and Special Events

  • Enjoy the convenience and simplicity of a gymnastics party brought to you!
  • Cheaper than gymnastics clubs!
  • Ideal for ages 18 months- 8 years if utilizing the bus and 18 months to 13 years if utilizing an alternate venue.

One can always tell if it’s Wednesday at Acorns to Oaktrees Childcare because the children come through our front doors chattering to their parents about the fact that Jo will soon arrive and they will be able to do Gymjam! Jo is a dedicated professional who arrives with a different lesson plan each week and who has an excellent understanding of physical literacy.

The children are full of excitement about Gymjam and the positive feedback from our families and staff is so encouraging.

Gymjam enriches our program immensely, not just because the children enjoy it so much but also because our parents are so happy that their children are receiving this physical time in their day to strengthen their bodies and minds. The communication skills and ability to follow instructions along with the team spirit of this program are all life skills our children will utilize in the future.

I would truly recommend Gymjam to every centre …it’s benefits are much beyond just the movement and gross motor components.

Sarah Hunter 

Testimonials for Gym Jam


Gym Jam is the highlight of Rachael’s week. She comes home excited about the different activities and new themes the program offered. It’s a great way for her to get extra exercise during her day at daycare. She thoroughly enjoyed it and talks of the teachers often!



Sarah R., Parent

Both my wife and I are grateful for the program that Gym Jam provides our daughter at daycare.  Aside from the very obvious physical benefits that the exercise gives her, we also feel that she has a sense of accomplishment and most important has a ton of fun while participating.  Again, we are grateful for the program and would highly recommend Gym Jam and Joanna’s instruction to friends and family.

Emmett, Parent

Our son looooves his Gym Jam lessons. Every Friday evening he proudly shows off whatever new skill he learned during Gym Jam. And every day he goes to daycare he asks, “Is it Friday yet?”. He doesn’t know that Friday marks the start of the weekend, but he knows it means he gets to do gymnastics! He’s gained so much confidence and loves all the tricks!

Chris, Parent

Our whole family loves Gym Jam because it not only introduces new moves in gymnastics to my kids but also provides fun environment and builds confidence for them in other activities. Particularly for our 2 years old who has a bit of developmental delay, Coach Jo went way beyond our expectation by paying more attention & encouraging her during the program and communicating with us regarding her improvements. We have been thrilled to see our toddler growing and improving so quickly in the past few months while having fun and enjoying the different cool themes every week. Plus, the program runs at daycare with an extremely reasonable price, it saves parents time and energy too!

Amy, Parent

My daughter (Chelsea) loves Gym Jam! It gives her something to look forward to and best part is I didn’t have to drive her to another location to have the class! 

I can tell she learns so much from the class and she shows off her skills when she gets home!


Chelsea’s Mom (Vanna)

Vanna, Parent