JoAnna Parker – Owner and Coach

JoAnna acquired her love for gymnastics over 25 years ago in Kimberley, BC. She’s a NCCP certified gymnastics coach and has her bachelor’s in Psychology.

JoAnna has taken coach training through the awesome facilities of Breathe Parkour, Spectacle Blue Circus Studio, Flip Factory, and En L’Air Dance Academy. In addition to gymnastics, she’s coached circus, trampoline, and parkour.

Besides being a coach, JoAnna is also a very lucky mom to daughter Kristin and son Leo.

Mônica Maciel – Customer Service, IT

Mônica is originally from Brazil and is pursuing the Canadian dream! She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with a minor in Sports Management. As a coach, she has many years of experience teaching children gymnastics, soccer, and circus arts. Mônica loves to see the smiles on kids faces when they learn something new!

Mônica has also managed university athletics programs and programs at both a sports centre and at gymnastics clubs.

Danielle Anderson, Coach

Hello, I’m Danielle! I teach yoga and gymnastics and am also a personal training coach.

My childhood centred around sports- particularly swimming and gymnastics- and I continue to be very active in my adult life. I’m a big advocate for fitness for life! Children develop patterns and achieving this balance at a young age will carry many benefits and be rewarding for the rest of their lives.

Working with and teaching children at any age brings me joy and happiness, especially when I can help kids establish, develop, and nurture a healthy active lifestyle. Let’s have fun and learn how to exercise!

Lisa Younes, Coach

I love working with kids! Apart from having a son and daughter of my own, I taught yoga at a number of preschools throughout Calgary prior to COVID. I enjoyed having a positive response from the children and them looking forward to their next class is very rewarding. I’m a committed advocate of physical literacy in young children because of it’s causal relationship with physical activity throughout the lifespan. As a child, I did gymnastics at a number of clubs. As an adult, my personal activity of choice has been yoga. Yoga has given me a balanced life and eliminated body pain and stress, and I have had the opportunity to live in different countries and learn from different yoga teachers. It’s interesting to me that many of the skills I did in gymnastics transferred directly to yoga (they just have different names!). I’m excited to be working with Gym Jam where I can help children learn gymnastics and fundamental movement skills in a positive, safety-focused environment!