Now kiddos can bounce off OUR walls!

Children look forward to “Gym Jam Day” each week!

Lessons are half an hour and are held on our fully padded, equipment packed bus! Warm up includes either an active game (for school aged participants) or a fun song and dance (for younger participants). Safe, kid-appealing stretches that focus on key muscle groups follows. Skills are learned and practiced in a fun circuit that includes bars, beams, rings, incline mats, trapeze, soft boxes, and more. There’s a new theme each week, complete with props and decor! Class concludes with a cool-down activity and with a game if time permits.

Our curriculum has been organized such that the most basic and important skills are taught first, and other skills follow in a developmentally appropriate order. Initially, priority is given to fundamental movement skills (FMS) such as jumping, balancing, rolling, striking, etc. Some fundamental movement skills- specifically ball skills- are not inherent in gymnastics, so we have taken extra steps to ensure that they are also focused on. As children master basic FMS (usually children in after school care), we up the ante and prioritize gymnastics-specific skills.

Because dayhomes have the ability to be somewhat flexible with daily and weekly program planning, we also include Gym Jam “homework” to be optionally practiced during the rest of the week! This way, it’s easy to incorporate awesomely fun physical activity into a daily routine!

Ideal for ages 18 months to 8 years.

The cost for a Gym Jam gymnastics-based lesson on the bus is only $125 per visit for up to ten participants! Invite the neighborhood kids to minimize costs!

Alternatively, we’re now also offering YOGA for children 18 months and older. Lessons are inside the dayhome, and almost any space will do! At $60 per lesson, it’s a steal of a deal!

For more info and to make a booking, please call (403) 808-0835 or email