Medical policy: Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children can meet the physical demands of participation in Gym Jam program(s) in which they are enrolled. Parents may make coaches aware of medical issues as they see fit.

Accident prevention: A child who does not follow the instructions of the coach, and who does not use the equipment in a safe manner can hurt themselves or someone else. An infraction of basic safety rules may lead to disciplinary action.

Acute injuries: Gymnastics- based activities can be strenuous and difficult and hence, even with the best coaching and the best equipment, injuries can occur. Our coaches are trained in first aid and we have well-defined procedures in case of injury. Participants must inform their coach immediately if they are injured in any way. The coach willdecide on appropriate action.

For a minor injury: ice and rest.

For a major injury: prompt medical attention. Medical records are maintained by Gym Jam with a record of all reported injuries.

With injuries that result in a visit to a clinic or hospital, please keep coaches informed of any limitations recommended by the doctor during the injury healing time.

Communicable Diseases: For the health and safety of our participants and coaches, we reserve the right to remove any child from a class that we feel should not be participating in a class due to heavy coughing, fever, chicken pox, flu symptoms or any other illness that might be highly contagious and harmful to others. Parents will be contacted immediately in such circumstances.

Lice: If you notice signs of scratching, rash on the neck, or nits growing in the hair, ensure you wash the hair and start treatment right away. Please do not bring your child to train until the condition has been treated and no sign of nits or lice are present in the hair. If we notice a child in the class with symptoms of lice, we will call the parent and ask to remove their child to prevent spreading it to others and the rest of the group will be alerted.

Membership and registration fees: Gym Jam does not charge membership or registration fees. Parents/guardians must sign a waiver for all minors in order for them to participate. Waivers are signed electronically through our online registration system.

Non-payment of fees: Gym Jam does not allow anyone to participate whose fees have not been paid. In cases of financial hardship, the family may email registration@gymjam.ca for consideration.
Registration for the following season cannot be accepted until all outstanding fees have been paid.

Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) e-cheques: NSF e-cheques will be subject to a $50 administration fee. Payment not received within 10 days constitutes withdrawal from classes.

Failed credit card charge: After 2 failed attempts to process a credit card, a service charge of $25 will be added to your account. Failed attempts to process a credit card ten days or more after tuition is due constitutes withdrawal from classes.

Birthday parties/ special events: Fees are paid upon booking. To receive a refund, you must cancel three weeks in advance. A $10 service charge will be applied.

Private lessons: Fees are paid on booking. One week’s notice is required for a full refund of a scheduled private lesson. No credit or refund will be given for notice less than 7 days in advance.

Registration fills a class spot for the entire session, regardless of attendance (session dates provided in the Details section of each class description). Payments are withdrawn from client accounts monthly. Class spaces are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. In the unforeseen event that we cancel a class, whenever possible we will try to make up that class. If the class is cancelled due to an “Act of God” (storm, power outage, natural disaster,etc.), no refunds will be given.

Fees are calculated based on planned classes. Fees are not incurred for holidays or class cancellations that are listed on the Details section of each class description.

Refunds for program withdrawals are only permitted under three conditions: medical (a note from the doctor is required), withdrawal from a daycare/ childcare centre that hosts Gym Jam lessons, and within three weeks (21 days) of registration.

In the event that a class is full, your child will be placed on a wait list at no charge. We will contact you by phone if a space becomes available. In the event of a late start, if space is available, you can register for a class or program on a pro-rated basis. When you enter the online registration portal, your fees will automatically be pro-rated to reflect the number of lessons left in the session.

We adhere to Alberta’s private sector privacy law, The Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).

Gym Jam is committed to providing environments in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Each individual has the right to participate and work in an environment that promotes equal opportunities and prohibits discriminatory practices.

There is a zero tolerance of bullying and harassment in all Gym Jam programs.

This policy applies to all employees, directors, officers, parents, volunteers, coaches, athletes, officials, and members of Gym Jam. We encourage the prompt reporting of all incidents of harassment, regardless of who the offender may be.

If you require assistance please contact Gym Jam Owner JoAnna Parker at (403) 808-0835 or joanna@gymjam.ca. All information will be treated with consideration and will be kept as confidential as possible.

If there is a specific fundraiser for a special purpose, the fundraiser must be approved and coordinated with our Owner before any advertising or promoting of the event/fundraiser. The event or fundraiser must fit into Gym Jam’s calendar of events and must clearly state the purpose of the fundraiser. If the fundraiser is any type of “game of chance”, Gym Jam must apply for a Gaming License.