Looking for a unique and fun-filled activity for your youth group, community event, or Girl Guides or Scouts? Book with Gym Jam for a guaranteed hit!

We’ll bring a van packed with equipment and set up at any sufficiently large space (typically 300 square feet or greater)!

Bookings are for 45 minutes, one hour, or 1.25 hours. We start with a high-energy game, a stretch, and some age- and ability- matched physical challenges. Next, a coach leads participants through an exciting circuit that incorporates beams, bars, vault, air tracks (long, glorified air mattresses), tumbling mats, and accessories. A group game finishes the lesson if time permits.

All coaches have years of training and experience, and are able to lesson plan and adapt skills to meet the unique interests and needs of each group and of each participant.

Please email inquiry@gymjam.ca to find out more!

*Generally we require a space no smaller than 300 square feet.

Gymnastics at Calgary Schools and Community Centres

In order to ensure a fun and safe party we require adult volunteers. There is a minimum adult to child ratio of 1:3 for children under five. Children five and older require a ratio of 1:8, not including the coach. Volunteers can be parents, family, or friends. The recruitment of volunteers is your responsibility.

More than 25 children entails slightly higher fees.



Pick from any of our three booking options! If you’re unsure, consider these recommendations…

45 Minutes- $210 + GST

Perfect for spaces under 500 square feet and for children under 5 years.

One Hour- $260 + GST

Perfect for spaces greater than 500 square feet and for children between 5 and 8 years. Also recommended for Guides and Scouts groups.

1.25 Hours- $310 + GST

Perfect for spaces greater than 500 square feet and for participants 9+ years. Also recommended for community events where more than 30 participants are expected.