Our daycare/ preschool program covers fundamental gymnastics as well as multi-sport skills and drills.

Coaches can teach inside your centre or on the Gym Jam bus.

Benefits and Skill Learning

  • Skill building promotes perseverance, work ethic, focus, and self-confidence.

  • Students acquire movement skills that are fundamental to all sports, as well as agility, balance, and coordination.

  • Group activities foster social skills and team work.

  • Learning fantastic new ways to move on soft, bright equipment helps children link physical literacy to fun; this is a critical element in remaining active throughout the lifespan.

Kids warm up with a fun song and dance or an active game, followed by a set of safe, kid-appealing stretches. Skills are learned and then practiced in a fun circuit that includes bars, beams, air tracks (imagine long, bouncy air mattresses), foam forms, and tumbling mats. There’s a new skill focus and theme each week, complete with props and decor! Class concludes with a cool-down song and a game if time permits.

Our curriculum has been organized such that the most basic and important skills are taught first, and other skills follow in a developmentally appropriate order. Initially, priority is given to fundamental movement skills (FMS) such as jumping, balancing, rolling, striking, etc. We’ve even taken extra measures to ensure that those fundamental movement skills not inherent in gymnastics (specifically, ball skills) are incorporated into every circuit!

As children master basic FMS (usually children in after school care), we up the ante and prioritize more gymnastics-specific skills.

Participating Daycares
Calendar of Themes & Focus Skills